Inventory the characteristics of the three major stone grinding machines,
and fully understand and understand the characteristics of the machine can make better use and improve work efficiency.    One, bridge grinder    Bridge grinder is based on the grinding and polishing principle of the stone processing production enterprise's production and processing stone line,
and is modified and imitated according to the working characteristics of the hand grinder.
The voltage of the bridge grinder is 220V and 380V;
the power is generally between 3.5-7.5KW; the general marble grinding disc rotates at 480 rpm,
and the granite grinding disc rotates at 1700 rpm. There are also inverters with continuously variable speed; The weight is generally 210kg-310kg, and its advantages are sufficient weight, wide range of abrasives, good grinding and polishing power on the implemented ground, and high construction efficiency.    Two, multi-head, multi-disc grinder   

Multi-head and multi-disc grinders are designed based on the working principles of bridge grinders and single-head disc machines. The voltage of the multi-head and multi-disc grinder is 220V and 380V, and the power is generally between 3.5-7.5kw; the general grinding head speed is 600 rpm, and the planetary grinding head speed is between 1500 rpm and 2600 rpm The weight is between 140kg-350kg. Features are easy to master, easy to operate, and high safety performance.    Three, single head disc machine   The voltage of the single-head disc machine is 220V; the power is generally between 1.5-2.5KW; the speed is generally between 150-300 rpm; the weight is generally between 45kg-100kg. Suitable for small area construction.