Wire saws have developed rapidly in recent years and are mainly used on wire saws. In addition to being used in mining, wire saws are gradually being used in stone processing. However, there are several types of stone, so the wire saws used for processing marble and granite are different.
1. Granite is hard, the cutting progress is not very large, and there will be no more mortar like marble, so choose a plastic-enclosed wire saw to cut granite.
2. Marble needs a wire saw with fast cutting speed and good cutting performance, so electroplating wire saw is often used for marble processing. Electroplated wire saws are not durable, have a short lifespan, and are not suitable for cutting granite.
3. The hot-pressed sintered wire saw has a long service life and high cost, and can cut marble and granite.

Different types of wire saws have different processing objects, so we must choose a suitable wire saw when processing stone, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to ourselves.
And when processing stone, be sure to choose a suitable beaded rope. This is not only efficient but also convenient.