Stone processing factories generally have various stone processing equipment. Among them, the manual polishing machine is the more common one. Let's analyze the faults of the manual polishing machine. How can we avoid and repair this device during use.
1. There is abnormal sound or no lifting when the main engine is lifted or lowered
Reasons: The lifting motor is damaged; the transmission system of the lifting screw and screw nut is seriously worn, and the screw and nut threads fall off; foreign matter such as stone powder adheres to the column; the gap between the lifting slide and the column is too small, and the resistance is too large; Damaged bearings etc.
Measures: replace the lifting motor with a new one; turn the motor without load first to check whether it is qualified; check the lifting screw and screw nut, repair or replace; remove dust and other foreign objects on the lifting column; reasonably adjust the distance between the lifting slide and the column Clearance; replace damaged bearings.
2. Collision occurs when the host lifts up and down
Reasons: The lifting travel switch on the column is open circuit, short circuit or poor contact, resulting in failure; the residual magnetism or sticky dirt of the AC contactor core of the intermediate relay fails; the position of the travel switch is improperly adjusted or tight.
Measures: Check the limit switch and related circuits; disassemble the AC contactor of the intermediate relay, wipe off the dirt on the iron core, check whether the parts are stuck, remove or replace new components; readjust the position of the limit switch, tighten the bolts; regularly clean the electric Dust of components in the control box.
3. The rocker arm of the manual polishing machine is broken
Reasons: The cross-sectional structure design of the rocker arm is unreasonable and the strength is not enough; during transportation, due to poor fixation of the end of the cantilever, impact fracture occurs; impact causes fracture.
Measures: check and verify whether the rationality and strength of the section structure of the rocker arm meet the requirements; transport the equipment reasonably and safely; when the machine is not in use or overhauled, use stones or sleepers to pad the grinding head at the end of the cantilever to prevent artificial impact Equipment and personal accidents.
4. The main motor does not start or the no-load load is too large after the main motor starts
Reason: The fuse in the main motor control circuit is in poor contact or damaged; the stator and rotor windings of the motor are grounded, and the bearing is damaged; the main motor is damaged or the purchased main motor fails the no-load inspection.
Measures: re-tighten or replace the fuse; first run without load, observe whether the motor is working normally, and then check whether the stator and rotor windings are grounded; replace the motor bearing; replace the unqualified motor.