The emergence of rock cutting machines has made stone cutting more efficient. However, many newcomers who are new to this industry do not know much about the use of rock cutting machines. Next, I will explain to you the precautions of the rock cutter.
1. The rock cutting machine must be installed firmly, and must be grounded or powered through a leakage protector.
2. Diamond tools are expensive, and the impact should be avoided when clamping the rock, so as not to deform the cutting edge and affect the cutting quality.
3. When cutting granite, the saw blade for cutting granite must be replaced.
4. It is strictly forbidden to cut stones without adding water!
5. It is strictly forbidden to press the enter and exit keys at the same time!

6. During the normal cutting process, do not press the enter key! Otherwise it is easy to damage electrical appliances and motors! Be sure to wait until the feed has stopped before pressing the return key.
7. Pay attention to whether the cooling water flow is sufficient at any time to prevent the blade from being sharpened due to insufficient water.
8. If any abnormal sound is found during the cutting process, the power should be cut off immediately and the machine should be stopped for inspection.