The saw blade is an important part of the stone cutting machine, which has a great influence on the effect and efficiency of mechanical production, and is also a relatively easy to damage part. So what are the causes of saw blade damage? Many customers are not very clear about this, so I will explain it to you in detail today.
1. The cutter head wears too fast
Reasons: The binder of the cutter head is too soft (for the material to be cut), insufficient cooling water, loose transmission belt or low voltage or improper speed, resulting in insufficient power, and the saw blade is not perpendicular to the material to be cut.
Solution: Select a saw blade with a hard binder according to the material to be cut, check the cooling water system, ensure the normal operation of the water pump, ensure the power supply voltage, check the spindle flange, ensure the verticality of the saw blade and equipment, and check the speed.

2. The cutter head is lost
Reason: During the cutting process, the material to be cut slides and the cutter head is twisted off, causing the cutter head to be hit hard. The flange plate is worn and cannot fix the saw blade, causing the saw blade to deform. The impact force is large, overheating, and the saw blade is violently impacted.
Solution: firmly fix the material to be cut when cutting, replace the flanges on both sides, replace the worn spindle, check the cooling water, and avoid hitting the saw blade when moving the equipment or the material to be cut.
3. Blunt, unable to cut
Reason: The saw blade bond is too hard, the power is not enough to make the saw blade cut normally, the saw blade does not apply enough cutting pressure, and the saw blade line speed is too high.
Solution: Choose a saw blade with a softer binding force, check the transmission belt, voltage and motor, make sure that enough and not too much cutting pressure is used, and select the corresponding saw blade according to the equipment manual.