History of stone cutting machinery

Stone processing has a long history. Since human activities have existed on the earth, there has been stone processing, so that archaeologists divided the age of ancient human life into Paleolithic and Neolithic. In the 2.5 million year old Paleolithic age, mankind began to make stone into their main tools like polished stone axes, stone adzes, stone chisels and stone spades, polished millstones, and stone hammers, stone chips. Later, with the advent of stone machinery and diamond tools, humans gradually mastered various methods of mining and processing stone.

With the development of stone cutting machinery and diamond tools, stone cutting machine has been continuously developed with the emergence of new technologies, and its processing technology has also been continuously improved. The development of stone processing from Slabs & times to Profiling special-shaped, followed by a series of special-shaped stone processing machinery such as arc slab cutting machine, arc slab grinding machine, wire cutting machine, CNC engraving machine. Stone cutting machinery is also constantly improved and updated with the development of science and technology, from simple electrical control to PLC control and numerical control. Processing methods have also developed from mechanical processing to high-pressure abrasive water processing, laser processing, flame processing, and sandblasting processing. Auxiliary equipment has also developed from a single mechanical device to numerical control and intelligence.

In the middle of the 20th century, stone mechanized production and stone cutting machinery developed rapidly in European countries such as Germany, France, and Spain, which promoted the technological progress of stone processing machinery. In the late 1980s, with its advantages of low cost and high quality, Italy became a developed country in the world's tone cutting machinery manufacturing industry. After that, many stone equipment enterprises were born in Japan, Taiwan, and China in Asia.

Since 1980, China's stone machinery manufacturing industry has continuously introduced and learned advanced national technology, and has initially formed a complete stone processing machinery manufacturing system. The gap between manufacturing technology and the international advanced level is rapidly shortening, and China is gradually becoming a strong country in stone machinery manufacturing.

Wanlong stone cutting machinery Advantages

As a top manufacturer in China, Wanlong Machinery has the following advantages:

High precision

For example, our QSQ-2200/2500 Multiblade block cutter, cutting tolerance for slabs is only ±0.5mm, which can make you polishing slabs with high evenness and gloss without calibration procedure in advance.

Control panel with humanized touch-screen and display, easy operation for workers.


Good after sales service and low maintenance rate
Many of our customer buy our machinery with very less repairing within ten years.
We our sales team would do very good after sales by offering matched diamond tools, best cutting solution suggestions for helping customer reduce cost.

Powerful engineer team offering matched diamond tools and best cutting solution to get less unit output cost.

QSQ2200/2500, Example,
  1. our Engineer would set the most suitable RPM according to your cutting request, and also offering the matched blades with segment formula most suitable for cutting at this RPM and stone machinery.
  2. Engineer would also offer best suggestion of blades sequence according to your slab to make sure that you can have most output at biggest Utilization rate of diamond tools and less empty cutting (save electricity +water+time) to get minimum unit cutting cost.