Diamond wire saws have been widely used in today's stone industry. Using diamond wire saws to process stone can obtain higher quality blocks and various shapes of stone, which improves the processing quality, production efficiency and efficiency of stone. economic benefits.
However, before the diamond wire saw can be used, it needs to go through several tasks before it can run normally (the steps are: punching - threading through holes - installing equipment - water supply), the specific operations are as follows:

1. Punching: Punching is a key preparatory work. If the hole is not punched well, it will directly affect the penetration of the wire saw, and affect the service life and cutting efficiency of the wire. Therefore, the process of punching is particularly important. If you want to cut a Large blocks need to be drilled with three holes, one vertical hole and two horizontal holes.
2. Threading rope through holes: At present, when using wire saws in the stone industry, most of them use the manual rope threading method, that is: fix one end of the rope, pass it through one of the holes, and then use iron wire to lead out from the other hole, so that it goes through.
3. Installation equipment: After the wire saw is penetrated, the equipment is installed. Because the equipment is heavy, and after cutting a plane, the equipment needs to be readjusted, so a lifting device is equipped around it, which can be lifted and installed at any time. 
4. Water supply: When cutting stone, due to the high linear speed of the rope, the friction between the rope and the stone is large. If water is not added or not enough, a lot of heat will be generated between the rope and the stone, which will not only deform the spring and wire rope, but may even cause The springs are melted and bonded together and lose their elasticity, which will reduce the service life of the wire saw.