The United Arab Emirates is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, The borders include Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. and the Persian Gulf to the north. Petroleum and gas resources are very rich. The total area of 83,600 square kilometers.
In order to develop tourism economic,The United Arab Emriates Government keep high investment on Urban building and infrastructure construction, so UAE is one of the largest stone importer in Middle east Market, Main export countries including Iran, Saudi, India, Egypt etc.They mainly import the large slabs, engineered stone and countertop for finishing. And Cut in small workshop for construction use. Best quality and in-time delivery is always the must for project used. So they need a saw blade cutting very fast with very good cutting quality to meet the market demand.
Here we would like to share some advantages of Arix type diamond saw blades.
1.Cutting Efficiency improves 30% more, energy consumption reduces 30% more, and the cutting life is similar as the normal type.
2. Good cutting result and fast cutting with arix disc, the cutting edge is much better than normal type, also you can increase more cutting depth in same working condition. especially for hard granite, you can feel the difference more obvious.
3. This type of blade can effectively reduce noise and protect the environment.
4. This product can be widely used on various power machines and environment.

How to choose a suitable diamond saw blades?
There are three main indicators to measure the quality of diamond saw blade: efficiency, life, and processing quality. The cutting efficiency reflects the sharpness and production efficiency; the cutting life reflects the durability of the saw blade, but the cutting life isn’t the only factor we should consider. Also we need to consider the cutting efficiency together to achieve good economy; the quality of processing refers to the flatness, straightness, parallelity of both sides, and edge integrity of the cutting surface.etc.
There are many factors that affect the performance of diamond saw blade. Mainly there are two aspects (manufacturing and operation). Manufacturing factors include raw materials, manufacturing processes, (diamond, binding agent, matrix and formula, heat pressure, welding, plastic surgery and other factors); Operation factors refer to the selection of saw blades, machine model, working parameter, and the installation of the saw blade sheet, Operation, etc.

Cutting problem analysis for diamond saw blade
1. low cutting efficiency:
(1) Diamond segment not sharp enough, and the steel body rigidity is poor;
(2) The linner speed of the saw blade is not matched;
(3) The main motor power is too small;
(4) Sliding belt of the main transmission;
(5) Excessive slider gaps;
(6) The spindle box is not appropriate;
(7) The spindle box shaft takes away the outer ring;
(8) The saw blade is not assembled firmly;
(9) Excessive gap between the inner ring of the spindle shaft;
(10) Bend deformation of the spindle;
(11) The traction rope of the machine is slipped;
(12) Cooling water is not enough;
(13) The whole machine is fixed and loose.
2. Sharpness is OK, cutting life is too low.
(1) Insufficient cooling water supply;
(2) The diamond segment is too sharp and the abrasion resistance is not good enough;
(3) there is a large amplitude while cutting
3. The working performance is good at the beginning, but the performance become worse after sometime cutting.
(1)It may be related to the long -term welding time and high welding temperature, or the temperature distribution may not be uniform during hot pressure.
(2).It may be that the formula is not appropriate and the sharp sharpness may also be related to the long welding time, the welding temperature is too high, or the temperature distribution is uneven during hot pressure.
4. The saw blade cost long time to make the diamond exposure:
(1) The diamond segment formula is not sharp;
(2) The segment structure is unreasonable.