The wire rope of the wire saw equipment is used as the carrier of the beads, and its life restricts the life of the wire saw. In the case of overload, it is easy to cause fatigue fracture of the wire rope. The following is a detailed description of the reasons and solutions for the breakage of the wire rope during use.
1. If the joint is too tight, it will aggravate the damage of the wire rope, causing the wire rope at the joint to break in advance.
2. Due to the reason of the machine, the operation of the wire saw is unstable and the vibration is frequent, which may easily cause the middle and joints of the wire saw to break frequently.
3. Pursue cutting efficiency one-sidedly, forcibly lowering the knife, resulting in excessive operation arc and tension of the wire saw, causing the wire rope to break.
4. After the glue-injected wire saw is used for a certain period of time, part of the cooling water and chips will be injected between the plastic and the wire rope. If the parking time is too long, it will cause the wire rope to become brittle and break in the middle of the wire rope.
5. Due to the manufacturer's reasons, the beading is not fixed firmly, and the beading appears to rotate or move. After the beads rotate, the wire rope will break in a short time; and after the movement, the broken wire rope will be exposed and lose protection, and the wire rope will also be damaged, causing the wire rope to break in advance.

Based on the analysis of the above reasons, the method to solve the premature fracture of the wire rope is as follows:
1. Appropriate crimping can reduce the damage of the wire rope.
2. Do not park the used wire saw for a long time, reduce the amount of cutting, and adjust it to a moderate level.
3. Choose a high-precision machine and maintain it during use to ensure the performance of the machine, increase the smooth operation of the wire saw, and reduce jitter.
4. The quality of injection molding is stable, ensuring that the beads do not rotate or move. Check the wire saw in time after each cut for a period of time. If there is occasional bead rotation, it should be broken by hammering.
In terms of quality, be sure to choose good quality wire saw equipment. In terms of use, we must have certain knowledge and know how to solve problems.