Marble cutting saw blade is a common stone piece,because marble is used a lot in various indoor and outdoor decorations,so marble processing tools are used very much.
  Then how to choose a marble saw blade?Changli saw blade introduces you the key points of choosing marble cutting saw blades:
  1.Choose the right size:Choose the right size according to your own cutting board needs and the size of the machine you use.
  2.Choose a marble cutting saw blade with high cost performance:The more expensive the saw blade,the better,you should choose the corresponding saw blade according to the board you cut.For the general board,the saw blade may not be cut,but the performance may be too good.It will also cause waste,so shop around and choose the one that suits you.
  3.Observe the appearance:check whether the welding seam is complete and tidy,and observe whether the blade of the marble cutting saw blade is aligned with the substrate on the horizontal plane.If the blade is uneven and the canine teeth are staggered,it is likely to cause the plate to collapse during use.Even the cutter head falls off.
marble  cutting blade
  4.Choose large manufacturers:Large manufacturers are more secure.You can learn about Changli's saw blades,both in terms of quality and service.