The sharpness of the granite cutting blade for cutting stone must be the highest.Different sharpness is suitable for different stones,so when you choose the saw blade,you should choose according to the stone you want to cut.
  Products with high sharpness of granite cutting blades are also relatively dangerous,and a little carelessness may cause various accidents.
  It may also directly lead to the scrapping of diamond saw blades.In addition,the damage of sharp saw blades is relatively large.Therefore,when we choose the sharpness of the product,there are many factors that need to be considered and we need to draw our attention..
  In other words,under the condition of ensuring safety and wear resistance,the sharpness of the granite saw blade is of course the higher the better.
  Granite saw blade is a common stone saw blade.It is made of diamond as the cutting material and is made by advanced equipment and processing technology.Changli 350 is a high-quality granite saw blade.So what are its characteristics?
wanlong granite cutting blade
  Granite saw blade features:
  1.Extremely high hardness and wear resistance:Diamond is the hardest substance currently found in nature,and granite cutting discs have extremely high hardness and wear resistance.
  2.The cutting edge is very sharp:the cutting edge of the diamond tool can be sharpened very sharply.
  3.Very good thermal conductivity:diamond has high thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity,cutting heat is easy to dissipate,and the temperature of the cutting part of the saw blade is low.
  4.Low thermal expansion coefficient:The thermal expansion coefficient of diamond is several times smaller than that of cemented carbide,and the tool size change caused by the cutting heat is small.
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  Therefore,it is very important to choose a granite cutting disc with better performance!