Both granite and marble are relatively popular stones and are widely used in construction. The difference between granite and marble can still be well separated, such as the pattern. The texture of granite is mottled, and the texture of marble appears. Colorful pattern texture, especially beautiful.
In terms of rock hardness, marble is a soft stone, and granite is a medium-hard stone. In terms of hardness, granite is slightly better. In terms of rock types, marble is metamorphic rock, while granite is igneous rock. In addition, marble has a variety of colors. Diverse and colorful, while granite is mostly gray or white.
Marble is a metamorphic or accumulated carbonate rock. It is finely organized, solid, can be polished, has a wide variety of colors, has beautiful natural colors, and has less radiation.

Because it is not resistant to weathering and is less used outdoors, marble is generally used for interior decoration. Because marble is better-looking, its pattern is rich, and its color is soft. After laying, it will appear more layered, rich and rich. The cutting requirements of the selected marble saw blades are much higher than those of the granite saw blades. The phenomenon of chipping and falling corners cannot occur.
Granite has high hardness and is easy to maintain. But it gives people a cold feeling. It is generally used on the ground and walls in outdoor or public areas. Therefore, most customers have less requirements for the cutting accuracy of granite blades than marble blades.
In addition to the above differences, marble cutting blades and granite cutting blades have the following differences:
The segment formulas of the two are different: granite blades require higher sharpness.
The color of the sections is different: the marble section is generally yellowish in color and belongs to the rigid grade, while the granite section is mostly silver-gray and belongs to the iron grade.
The grooves are different: the grooves of the two are different, most of the marble is a U groove or a fish hook groove, while the granite saw blade is a key groove.
Scale and thickness of the segment: Marble has lower hardness, so the marble segment is relatively thinner
Different price and outer diameter: Marble is slightly more expensive than granite.
Section texture: The texture of the granite section is mostly mottled, while the marble section is rich in color, fine in texture, and colorful.
Welds: The welds between the two substrates and segments are also different.