Speaking of ceramic tile cutting blades,there is no need to introduce too much.It is a professional cutting blade for various types of marble and stone.Now we can see it in many places,such as architectural decoration.
tile cutting blade
  is mainly used for cutting stone,a small part is used for cutting glass and plastic,etc.Here we mainly come to understand the correct and efficient cutting,what should I pay attention to?
  First of all,we must prepare to cut the ceramic tile cutting blade.According to the angle grinder used for the saw blade,the general angle grinder is hand-held,and the common one is the cutting machine bought in the hardware store.The size,cut to the size you need now,and fix the stone slabs.
  It is best to add water when cutting.There are two purposes for adding water.One can reduce the flying of dust,and the other can reduce the temperature of the tile cutting blade during cutting,which can increase the service life of the saw blade,and the saw blade will not Because of the high temperature deformation,the cutting accuracy is improved.
  Using a portable element disc cutter,install the tile cutting blade and cut from the back of the tile.From the surface of the tile,the square hole is intact,but the back is cut through the line.To open a round hole,use a portable element disc cutter to install a tile cutting piece to cut from the back of the tile,and cut a cross in the middle.Just tap into a round hole from the surface.
  Install the ceramic tile cutting blade on the cutting machine,adjust the cutting depth,place the artificial marble on the work surface,determine the size and start cutting.
  Now lay the artificial marble flat,measure the size with a ruler and draw the line,then install the stone cutting piece,and slowly cut from the line.It is necessary to add water in a mineral water bottle to improve efficiency.
  Our company uses the newly developed concentration control technology,which can take into account both quality and life,and can achieve stable and high-quality continuous cutting and dicing processing,so it can meet the processing needs of all levels.