Granite stone has a wide range of uses and a wide variety of outdoor paving stones, standard slabs, small square slabs, curved slabs, lines, etc. Although the product is dazzling, the processing is not messy, mainly using saw blades of different diameters for cutting and polishing.
So what are the stone machines that can be cut with granite saw blades?
There are dozens of commonly used machines such as granite cutting machine, CNC bridge cutting machine, infrared bridge cutting machine, hand cutting machine, angle grinder, mining wire saw machine, special-shaped cutting machine, gantry stone sawing machine, etc., which can be processed according to specific requirements. Ask to choose.
On which machines are granite saw blades mainly used? In fact, in addition to the machine, the granite saw blade is also a top priority. A good granite saw blade can not only improve the cutting power and plate accuracy to a large extent, but also save power consumption and save power when cutting. Save worry and effort, reduce machine wear and tear.

What Wanlong Granite Saw Blades can bring you:
1. Wide range of uses: it can deal with all kinds of stone cutting.
2. Super good feel: The smoothness of the knife can make every user feel sharp and light.
3. Ultra-sharp: The industry-leading pre-alloyed powder is used as the matrix powder, and the industry secret recipe matrix additive is added to effectively wrap the diamond, making it extremely sharp.
4. Over-centering: The operation is very simple and it is safer to use.