India is a big stone producing country, which also increases the demand for stone cutting machines in places such as Rajasthan, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.
A stone cutting machine is a mechanical device specially used for cutting stone (such as marble, granite, ceramic tile and concrete, etc.). Compared with manpower, it is more labor-saving and time-saving. And the use of mechanical equipment is simpler and more efficient, which greatly improves the efficiency of stone cutting. Cutting efficiency.
So in India, how to choose a reliable stone cutting machine manufacturer?

First of all, when choosing a stone cutting machine, choose a manufacturer with good reputation and influence. Because this factory has a good reputation, it means that many people have used it and the quality is guaranteed.
Second, choose the machine that suits you. For example, whether the stone you cut is marble or granite, or you have more types of stone, you can choose according to your actual situation.
What are the advantages of stone cutting machine
 1. Adopt automatic hydraulic tensioning saw band to compensate saw blade fatigue device, prolong the service life of saw blade, ensure plate flatness, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.
2. The cutting feed speed adopts the stepless speed regulation of the frequency converter, and the feed speed is adjusted according to the processing of different media. The equipment runs smoothly and has high efficiency.
3. As a stone mechanical equipment, the stone cutting machine integrates the characteristics of many products on the market, and the one-piece shape is simple and beautiful.

Wanlong stone cutting machines combines block squaring machines(dressing irregular blocks into regular blocks), block cutting machine(cutting stone blocks into slabs), edge cutting machine(cutting slabs into tiles), Diverse shape processing machines etc.
Wanlong block cutting machine: QSQ-2200/2500/3000 blocking cutting machine,QSQ-2500/12P, QSQ-2500-20P, QSQ-2200A/2500A/3000A vertical plus horizontal cutting machine, QSQ-1600A vertical plus horizontal cutting machine, LMQ-2200/2500 Gantry block cutting machine etc.