As a manufacturer of diamond wire, we have conducted in-depth research on various uses of diamond wire, especially the use of diamond wire in diamond wire saws. Let's take a look at the main points of cooling technology for granite diamond wire saw processing:
When cutting granite with a diamond wire saw, in order to eliminate the influence of frictional heat and residual chips at the cutting part, the amount of cooling water is often increased under permitted conditions, otherwise the resin and rubber fixing material on the wire saw will be deformed due to frictional heat. . The diamond beads slip, and the cutting operation cannot be performed effectively. At the same time, the remaining chips will also cause the beads to wear and the wire saw to break, greatly shortening the service life of the wire saw.

The following cooling technical points can be observed when carrying out diamond beaded wire saw cutting operations:
When the wire saw is cut, every 0.2~2 lengths are cut, supply 0.4~10mpa of water and fluid to the cutting part to cool it and remove the chips. In this way, the frictional heat generated between the wire saw and the cutting part is carried away. The fluid itself and the airflow generated by the fluid are cooled, and the chips will quickly leave the cutting part under the action of the kinetic energy of the fluid and the fluid airflow, so that the cutting part is always kept in good condition. It is not affected by chips.
The diamond wire saw adopts the above cooling technology, which can effectively cool the cutting part and remove the chips under the condition of less cooling water consumption, prevent the wear of the diamond tool, and greatly improve the service life of the wire saw.