During the use of the stone cutting machine, the saw blade sometimes sways. The yaw of the saw blade increases the current of the stone cutter, rendering it unusable.
The deflection of the saw blade of the stone cutting machine is mainly caused by two reasons, and we need to find a solution from these two reasons.
Reason 1: The saw blade is deformed.
If the saw blade is deformed, it will cause the saw blade to swing, mainly because the width of the saw blade is too large. This phenomenon can be solved by correcting the body.
Reason 2: There is friction between the saw blade body and the rock walls on both sides of the kerf.
It is mainly reflected in the normal width of the kerf, the stone cutting machine operates normally and the current value is normal when the upper part is cut, but when the deep part is cut, the feed concentration of the saw blade or the left and right walking speed has to be reduced. Based on this, it can be judged that the first Caused by two reasons.

The solution for the second reason is the use of cooling lubricants. Test results show that the use of cooling lubricants can effectively solve such problems. The cooling lubricant produces physical and chemical adsorption on the sawing interface, forming a thicker surface layer by layer. The friction coefficient can reach more than 0.38. When using a cooling lubricant content of 0.2%, the coefficient of friction can be immediately reduced to around 0.1. That is, after using the cooling lubricant, the frictional resistance of the gap between the matrix and the rock wall can be reduced by more than 70% compared with the original. The condition of the saw blade is improved due to reduced sawing resistance. Controls deflection and vibration of the blade base to extend blade life.