Wire saws are cutting and demolition tools for mines, blocks, curved slabs, large slabs, thick concrete, irregular concrete rebar, bridges and roads. Easy installation, flexible use, can be cut horizontally or vertically.
In order to better improve the high working efficiency and service life of the Quarrying Wire Saw Machine, it is particularly important to operate the Quarrying Wire Saw Machine correctly.
So what are the precautions for Quarrying Wire Saw Machine operation? Details are as follows

1. When turning on the Quarrying Wire Saw Machine, be sure to turn off the power before turning on the main power.
2. When adjusting the left and right position and direction of the drive flywheel, check whether there are obstacles around and whether it will touch other parts of the equipment. When the drive flywheel is adjusted to the end point of the left and right positions, the adjustment should be stopped immediately to avoid damaging the screw nut or burning the motor windings. It is strongly recommended not to adjust the drive flywheel to the left and right ends. The drive flywheel must not be flipped upright, otherwise the main motor cable may be twisted.
3. Always check the supply of cooling water when cutting. Once the cooling water supply is not in place, the cutting should be stopped immediately to avoid damage to the beaded rope.
4. It is strictly forbidden to carry out sawing operations when the power supply is out of phase.
5. When the Quarrying Wire Saw Machine cuts the separation body, the principle of cutting the horizontal plane first and then the vertical plane should be followed. In the process of horizontal plane cutting, support wedges should be added to the cut kerf in time to prevent local falling and beading of rocks. Cause the beaded rope to be scrapped and cause an accident. If desired, a wedge can also be inserted into the vertical kerf to support the separator.
6. If the equipment shell is found to be charged during work, it needs to be stopped immediately for inspection, and the machine can be turned on after troubleshooting.
7. Regularly check the connection of lines, terminals and connectors. If there is a problem, take immediate measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
8. When an emergency occurs during the operation of the equipment, immediately press the "emergency stop button" on the operating table, and reset the "emergency stop button" only when it is safe.
9. Non-professionals are prohibited from modifying the parameters set in the inverter.
10. Quarrying Wire Saw Machine cannot adjust the position of the drive flywheel during normal sawing operations, and cannot perform sawing operations when adjusting the position of the drive flywheel.
11. In case of severe weather such as thunderstorm and heavy rain, the sawing operation should be stopped as soon as possible, and all switches should be turned off in time. If necessary, move the equipment to a safe location to avoid danger.
12. Be sure to turn off the power and all switches after the sawing operation is over or before leaving get off work.