Resin grinding wheels are also a relatively common product. They must be used according to regulations. Failure to follow the requirements will affect the grinding quality. So how to use it correctly?
Before using a resin grinding wheel, be sure to check whether there are quality problems, whether there are cracks, and whether the sound is crisp when the grinding wheel is struck. The rotational speed of the grinding wheel must not exceed the specified working line speed. When processing a workpiece with a grinding wheel, do not push the workpiece with a lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel. It should be reminded that special dressing tools should be used when dressing the grinding wheel. When making corrections, the operator must wear protective glasses.
Coolant must be used correctly when grinding resin grinding wheels; if coolant is not used, dust-proof equipment must be provided. Each grinding wheel is labeled with its purpose and line speed. Before installing the machine, be sure to confirm the speed of the machine. Do not exceed the speed marked on the grinding wheel. Make sure the machine has complete protective equipment. The grinding wheel hole and grinding wheel spindle must match. Otherwise it cannot be used.
The flanges sandwiched on both sides of the resin grinding wheel must be of the same shape and size. The flange diameter must meet the requirements and must have grooves on both sides. When installing and fixing, it must be appropriately tight. Once installation is complete, start the machine and let it idle for about a minute. It can be used only if there are no abnormal circumstances.
No matter what kind of grinding work is performed, the pressure given when using it must be uniform. It is strictly forbidden to collide with the workpiece when adjusting and rotating the resin grinding wheel. The cutting edge must advance gradually. When cutting large-diameter workpieces, the contact surface between the grinding wheel and the workpiece must be reduced.