Bridge combination saws combine multiple saw blades and feed them simultaneously. Used for cutting marble, granite, sandstone and other stone slabs. Not only can it process plates of different thicknesses, but it can also process various flat plates, tablets and other stone materials.
Bridge saws are mainly used for cutting granite, marble, etc. Bridge saws have the following advantages:
1. The bridge-type combination saw has a stable structure and smooth operation. Multiple large and small combined saw blades can be installed at one time.
2. The bridge-type combination saw has high cutting efficiency. The left and right blades are controlled by a frequency converter, and the speed is adjusted according to the stone material. The cutting cost is low, the cutting surface is smooth, there is no mechanical damage, and the yield is high.
3. The bridge-type combination saw uses hydraulic drive to lift the guide pillar, which is easy to maintain and has a low failure rate.
4. The bridge-type combination saw is easy to operate, safe and reliable.
5. The surface of the guide bush of the bridge type combination saw is rolled into a circular oil storage pit, which can work normally under low oil or oil outage conditions.

The bridge saw uses a heavy-duty crossbeam, a solid heavy-duty guide post, a longer and thicker spindle, and the guide post is made of solid round steel chrome plated.