At present, Bridge Multiblade Machine is widely used in stone factories. At the same time, people are more concerned about the effect of using Bridge Multiblade Machine. So what aspects will the processing effect of the bridge combination saw be affected?
1. Binder
It is determined according to the type of stone, stone density, bridge saw performance, cooling temperature or according to the operating level of the operator. The purpose is to prevent the new diamond abrasive grains from being exposed after the diamond on the outer layer of the stone is worn; the wear resistance of the binder is too low or too high, and the carcass is too hard or too soft, all of which will have a negative impact on the efficiency of the Bridge Multiblade Block Cutting Machine.
2. Diamond concentration
The concentration determines the service life of the diamond after cutting. If the concentration is too high or too low, the cutting efficiency will be unfavorable. In the choice of stone concentration, it is necessary to consider whether it meets the requirements of use and whether the economy is a compromise.
3. Diamond particle size
The hardness of cut stone depends on factors such as grain size. The harder the stone, the smaller the grit used, the stronger the cut will be when cut.