Large stone cutting machine is a highly efficient and energy-saving stone equipment widely used in the industry. The use of machinery is very important and has a huge impact on production. Next, I will explain to you the precautions for the use of large stone cutting machines.
1. In order to improve the yield and reduce unnecessary wear of the saw blade, please pay attention to the placement and fixing of stone blocks.
2. When sawing, sparks are generated due to the heat generated by the strong impact and friction between the segment and the stone, and sufficient cooling water is required for cooling. Not enough water can burn out segments, so a constant supply of water is critical.
3. Add lubricating fluid on time and according to the amount. Adequate lubrication can reduce friction, reduce noise, increase productivity and extend the service life of saw blades.
4. When sawing stones of different materials, please adjust the sawing depth and sawing speed in time according to the change of the main motor current.
5. During the sawing process, pay attention to the change of the sawing sound and the change of the current at any time. If there is any abnormality, it should be ruled out in time.
6. Monitor the quality of the sawn wool board, and check and deal with its influencing factors in time according to the degree and quantity of the wool board out of tolerance.
7. When the saw blade is removed for storage, it should be hung vertically to reduce deformation.