The elimination of the traditional quarry mining mode and the popularization of the quarry wire saw machine is a very beneficial thing for the quarry. Why do you say that?
The traditional quarry mining method has high mining cost, waste of resources, and is not conducive to environmental protection.
A quarry wire saw machine is a saw for cutting brittle and hard materials. Wire saw machines are widely used in the mining of granite, marble and other quarries. It replaces the traditional way of construction by punching or drilling holes, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
1. Due to the popularity of wire sawing machines in quarries, people no longer use explosives for blasting mining in quarries, but use machines to saw stones directly from the quarry. This mining method can not only obtain high-quality stones, but also reduce the vibration of the quarry caused by blasting, which can reduce the chance of landslides or mudslides, and the safety of workers and the safety of residents around the quarry are greatly improved. .
2. There are also quarry cutting machines that use wet mining during mining. This mining method does not generate a lot of dust when quarrying, and does not pollute the air and threaten the health of workers.
3. The popularization and application of quarry wire saw machine fundamentally solves the problems of high cost, insecurity, waste of resources and environmental pollution of traditional stone mining. At present, the quarry wire saw cutting machine has won the general praise of our customers.

Now with the shortage of stone resources and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, the manufacturing cost of stone enterprises has risen and the competition has intensified, making more and more stone enterprises begin to use quarry wire saw cutting machines.