When we are ready to use a rock cutting machine, the first thing to do is to tune it up. After all, after the mechanical equipment is debugged, the staff can know the specific operation method of the mechanical equipment and the shortcomings of the mechanical equipment.
So how do we tune a rock cutting machine?
1. According to the electrical wiring diagram, carefully check to ensure that it is correct, and then start the machine.
2. Use the manual turning method to check the firmness of each motor and the tightness of the belt and chain, and adjust to the best state.
3. Check the operation of each transmission mechanism to ensure that the operation and movement are flexible, there is no obvious jamming phenomenon, and the connection is stable.
4. Check the correctness and firmness of the position of each part.
5. Check the correctness and firmness of each protective (dust-proof) device.
6. Check the operation of the joystick and buttons to ensure sensitive and effective. After completing the above inspections, lubricate all lubrication points with oil. The injected oil should be kept clean.