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QSQ-2200/2500/3000 Bridge Multiblade Block Cutter

Product Features:

QSQ2200 2500 3000 combines different diameters of blades working simultaneously as multiblade cutting
     QSQ2200/2500/3000 combines different diameters of blades working simultaneously as multiblade cutting. It has screw-rod lifting system and hydraulic lifting system for choice. The crossbeam moves for feeding so that the table for block is not necessary ( which does not supply along with machine, only available upon request ). Heavy duty strcuture, logical control system, easy operation together with " Wanlong" blade give high production and also make the finish slab with flat surface, no tapper.
     It is also flexible in modification for Single blade cutting.
    QSQ-2200 QSQ-2500 QSQ-3000
Max.diameter of blade mm 2200 2500 3000
Max.No. of blades pc 9 5 16
Recommended Blade Combination mm 2200/2000/1800/1600/1400/1200/1000/800/600 2500/2000/1600/1200/800 2300/2180/2060/1940/1820/1700/1580/1460/1340/1220/1100/980/860/740/620/500

Recommend saw blade thickness

mm 6.5 6.5 6.5
Main motor power KW 45(55) 45(55) 65
Max.Cutting size(L x W x H) mm 3600*2100*950 3300(3800)00*2100*1100 4500*2100*1000
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 7500*4350*6000 7500(8000)*4350*6500 8500*4000*6100
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