Bridge stone cutting machine is an efficient and energy-saving stone equipment widely used in the industry and favored by customers. Hydraulic systems are commonly used components in modern machinery and are crucial to machinery production. So how to deal with the failure of the hydraulic system of the bridge stone cutter?
The hydraulic system of the bridge stone cutter is mainly used to control the lifting and lowering of the carriage, the rotation of the workbench, and the lifting and turning of the workbench.
Common faults include: system pressure is too low or no pressure; each hydraulic cylinder has insufficient power; the cylinder cannot maintain pressure; the cylinder speed decreases, the oil pump is heavily loaded, and the noise is loud; one or more hydraulic control actions cannot be completed.
Take targeted measures to address the above common faults. If the system pressure is low, first confirm whether the oil pump is working properly and adjust the variable pump adjustment screw. The pressure should not exceed 6.5MPa.
If the cylinder has insufficient force or cannot maintain pressure, it may be caused by internal seal leakage or damage to the hydraulic control check valve. If the cylinder speed drops, the oil pump load is large, and the noise is loud, you should focus on checking whether the oil filter and air filter are clogged, and whether the oil pump is damaged.