Mine stone cutting machine is also called stone sawing machine and stone cutting machine. It can directly mine various stones in the mine without blasting. The complete set of equipment of the mine cutting machine includes: main machine, 1200 mm saw blade X1, 10 m rail (alternative use), a main motor and a traveling motor. The straight diameter of the saw blade is 1200 mm, and the deep cutting can reach 470 mm. The machine operates automatically (the power of the diesel engine can be modified)
1. Improve the utilization rate of natural resources: this cutting machine directly saws in the ore body rock, with the yield of more than 90%. However, the traditional quarrying method uses hot-cut explosives to crush, with the yield of only 30% - 50%
2. The quarried stone is of high quality, so the cutting machine in our factory does not need to be broken by explosion, the stone will not be damaged by vibration, and the overall quality of the stone is greatly improved
3. Less pollution. The cutting machine of our factory uses wet operation, and water flows out from the edge of the saw plate, and then reaches the saw plate and stone. Tofu is cut with a sharp knife, and the stone is not broken, the stone slag is less, the dust is less, and the smoke is not emitted. The traditional stone mining method has experienced explosion and destruction, resulting in a large amount of smoke and stone slag, causing environmental pollution

4. High safety: The mining stone cutting machine does not need detonator explosives, which not only ensures the safety of the site and personnel, but also avoids the turbulence caused by detonator explosives flowing into the society
5. Time-saving and labor-saving: the mining cutting machine is walking on the track, and each machine only needs 1-2 workers to assist in quarrying, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operators
6. High efficiency and high yield: the cutting machine can mine 10 cubic meters of waste after 8 hours of continuous operation
7. Low input and high output. The mine cutting machine is economical in price, low in maintenance cost, low in consumables, simple in supporting facilities, and simple in personnel. Unlike the traditional mining industry, it has huge investment, and really achieves low input and high output!