Wire saw cutting has many advantages over traditional cutting methods, but it also has a certain risk factor. So for your own safety, what should you pay attention to when operating?
1. According to the cutting direction, pull the wire saw by hand, grind the sharp angle of the concrete onto the wire saw, and rotate flexibly without pausing or getting stuck on the cutting surface.
2. Try to avoid sharp-angle cutting during use to avoid damage to the wire saw. If necessary, you can install a support guide wheel.
3. The wear of the guide wheel will reduce the degree of fit between the wire saw and the guide wheel, increase the risk of slipping, affect the line speed, and thus affect the cutting efficiency. If necessary, it needs to be replaced in time.

4. Follow up with cooling water in time to ensure water flow, otherwise it may cause the fixed rubber to overheat and age, affect the fastening effect, and cause the beads to fall off.
5. Pay attention to ensuring the tension. If the tension is too small, the cutting speed is slow and the rope is easy to fall off; if the tension is too large, the wire saw wears quickly and there is a risk of broken rope at the connection.
6. When the wire saw is not in use, the tensioner should be removed and stored in a dry place.