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QSQ-1200A/1600A Vertical Plus Horizontal Cutting Machine

Product Features:

QSQ-1200A 1600A has vertical and horizontal blade working on the same machine It is designed as per the understanding of processing marble or granite block into slabs and tiles Strong motor power,heavy-duty steel body, and user-friendly operation system as well as easy-to- maintain of machine that is an ideal machine for choice
    QSQ-1200 QSQ-1600
Max. diameter of blade mm 1200 1600
Max. No. of blades pc 1 1
Main motor power KW 45/55 45/55
Max. vertical stroke mm 1350 1350
Crossbeam length mm 7400 6500
Max. cutting size ( L x W x H) mm 3200*1800*950 3000*1800*1100
Diameter of horizontal blade mm 400-600 400-600
Main motor power for horizontal blade KW 11 11
Vertical stroke of horizontal cutting column mm 850 850
Dimensions (L x W x H ) mm 7400*3800*6100 7400*3800*56100
Water consumption m³/h 6 6
Approximate weight Kg 9000 9500

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